Monday, March 23, 2015

Revolutionary Cows And VERY Different Love Songs For Your Monday

A strange musical journey brought me to
"Cows With Guns"  
I had the pleasure of visiting my sister Lynn and brother in law David yesterday.

When you go to their house, you never know what kind of music will be playing, and I was certainly not disappointed in that regard.

So un-disappointed that I MUST share a few of the tunes with you.

We'll get to the lovey dovey stuff in a minute, which is certainly something you can't miss, but we need to first deal with a bovine revolution.

I might have posted this one a few years ago, I don't know. (I couldn't find it in the archives) But even if it's a repeat, it's worth it.

I present you the Dana Lyons classic, "Cows With Guns." Musically, and lyrically, the thing is brilliant. So is the animation in this video by Bjorn-Mange Stuestol:

Next, I present you with, seriously, two of the best singer songwriters out there. And they both have great senses of humor in their songwriting.

One is the droll, clever John Prine, who has a long history of crafting ingenious songs for himself, and for performances by the likes of Bonnie Raiit, John Haiit and others.

The other is Iris DeMent, a super-gifted songwriter with a beautiful and unique voice.

They did some duets, and these two offbest love songs are at once mushy and laugh out loud funny. In a way, the songs remind me of my own marriage, which is a very good thing.

Pay close attention to the lyrics in both. The first, "We're Not The Jet Set" starts out over the top sweet and sticky, but that's part of the joke. It's awesome:

The next one, "In Spite Of Ourselves," is a couples' ode to one another, despite the imperfections of both parties.

You get lyrics like "He drinks his beer like it's oxygen," and "She swears like a sailor when she shaves her legs."

Ah, bliss: This is awesome too:

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