Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You Probably Didn't Overdo It On St. Patrick's Day Like These People Did

We hope this wasn't you celebrating
 St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  
Some of you might be hung over or bleary eyed today if you went out and celebrated St. Patrick's Day a bit too much yesterday.

Yes, a few of you out there probably associate the day with a bit of binge drinking.

After all, the bars opened at the crack of dawn, and some of you were there for the grand opening to spend the day drinking green beer.

Maybe a couple of you later barfed out green gunk. I know, I know, I'm getting gross.

However, if you think you made a fool of yourself on St. Patrick's Day when you had a little too much, don't worry. You probably weren't as bad as the compilation video you see below.

As usual, the best moments are when animals get involved. Like at about 2:50 into it when a drunk guy falls out of his chair, and one of the dogs goes inside to retrieve a boot. As if that's going to help.

In another clip, at around 4:30, a dog refuses to surrender a case of Bud Light to his human friends.

Seriously, Fido. Bud Light?

Another lesson from this video is, if you're drunk, don't play with fire, and forgo athletics.

Here's the video that will make you either feel better or worse about imbibing:

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