Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cookie Monster Tries To Break The Internet

The Cookie Monster tries to break the Internet  
The latest obnoxious meme is the phrase "breaking the Internet."

This dumb phrase gained currency when Kim Kardashian displayed her butt online, and supposedly so many people wanted to see it that it would "break the Internet."

Time magazine defines breaking the Internet to mean "engineering one story to dominate Facebook and Twitter at the expense of more newsworthy things... So perhaps a more accurate term would be 'hijacking the Internet,' since really these stories seem to be manipulating online fervor rather than shutting the whole thing down."

Now, it seems, when some marketer wants to entice a gullible public to open a link, they tease that it would "break the Internet." You're supposed to be so excited about the idea of breaking the Internet that you succumb to the click bait.

Finally, then we come to this: A video of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street trying to break the Internet.

His way of doing it is much better than everybody else's. Certainly much better than anything Kim Kardashian can do.

Here's the video:

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