Thursday, March 5, 2015

Man In Famous Dog/Lake Photo Gets Another Dog; Everyone Is Happy

The now-famous photo of John Unger and
Schoep, taken in 2012.  
I don't normally obsessively follow the activities of random guys in Wisconsin but I'm making an exception in regards to a guy named John Unger.  

Dog lovers like me get obsessive. So sue me.

The story, of course, involves a dog.

Back in 2012, a photograph of Unger and his dog named Schoep went totally viral. Everybody loved the photo, for good reason.

It showed the ponytailed Unger in water up to his chest in Lake Superior, holding his beloved dog named Schoep.

Unger said Schoep got him through a really bad time in his life, so Unger figured he owed the dog something. Schoep developed arthritis, and the cold waters of Lake Superior seemed to help, so Unger took Shoep into the water every day.

The result was that viral photo, of Unger looking peaceful and Schoep looking so happy to be in the arms of his companion.

Shoep died a year after the photo was taken at the age of 20, and Unger was devastated.  But by then, he'd gotten quite a following on Facebook, and the support helped him through.
Schoep died in 2013, and now, Bear, picture
here, has become John Unger's canine
companion. Looks like Bear's in for
a good life.  

Finally, recently, Unger felt ready to get another dog, and announced it on Facebook with a photo of his new companion:

"I am whole again. 
Ladies and Gentlemen - This is BEAR! 
The journey continues with the addition of Bear into my home, heart, soul and OUR lives!
Please give him a Big Hello!
Bear is a 1-year-ld, 70 lb. Akita/Shep/Lab mix. I am a very happy man, and proud to introduce him to you. Please join us as Bear and I learn, grow and help in the days, months and years to come!
Great Days Ahead To All

As of Thursday morning, Unger's Facebook post had gotten more than 83,000 likes and more than 20,000 comments. Lots of dog lovers out there, huh?

The best comment on Unger's Facebook page might have been this succinct but very likely true observation: "Schoep is smiling."

Yep, and so are the rest of us. Congratulations on your new friend, Bear! Same goes to you, John Unger.

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