Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two Year Old's Version Of National Anthem Not Soaring, But Beautiful Nonetheless

Trent Harris, age 2 and a half, sings the National
Anthem recently at a New Jersey high school
basketball game.  
At many sporting events, it seems singers try to outdo each other with ever more soaring versions of the Star Spangled Banner. 

It's become kind of like a televised singing competition. Blow the house down with blowtorch vocals or something.  

So it was refreshing, at the start of a recent high school basketball game, that quite another type of singer did his version of the "Star Spangled Banner."

As the Huffington Post notes, Trent Harris might not have hit all the right notes, and maybe he struggled with a couple bits of the lyrics. But that's OK. He's only 2 years old.

That's right. It's probably the youngest age at which I've ever heard the Star Spangled Banner performed. 

Trent's mother said he likes to listen to her sing the anthem before bedtime, so he's pretty familiar with it now. That might sound strange, but Trent's dad is a football player with the Cincinnati Bengals, so the anthem, which starts every NFL game, is a connection to his dad.

Trent didn't practice much before the performance, but as you'll see, below, that's OK. It worked.

I love how he pronounces "glare" and "air" in the part of the Star Spangled Banner that refers to the rockets red glare. 

There was a backup plan in case Trent got cold feet or was too nervous, but he handled the task of singing before the game like an old pro.

Next up: He'll be a competitor on "The Voice" or something.

Watch Trent's awesome rendition of the National Anthem:

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