Wednesday, March 25, 2015

House For Sale: Explosive Features Included (Scary!)

Somebody rigged this house to explode
when a light switch was flipped, police said.
Luckily, an electrician found the problem
before the switch was flipped.  
Some tenants moved out of a house last Sunday in the Boston suburb of Milton.

The owner of the place wanted to sell the building and hired an electrician to see whether everything was up to snuff before putting the place on the market.  

It was not up to snuff.

It turns out somebody rigged the house so that, if somebody flipped a certain light switch, the house would explode.

The Boston Globe picks up the story:

"When officers arrived, an electrician and the homeowner's attorney were at the house, said Milton Police Chief Richard Wells. 

The electrician was there, following a failed home inspection the week before, when he discovered what he told the police was 'an IED' - an improvised explosive device - i the form of a plastic jug full of accelerant and wired to explode when a light switch was flipped, Wells said."

Boy, I bet that electrician was glad he didn't flip that light switch when he was poking around, looking for wiring issues.

Especially since the explosive stuff was well hidden. It was behind a recently replastered wall inside a closet.

Lindel Williams, who owns the property said the most recent tenants, a husband, wife and daughter moved out last weekend after living there since June.

Police are now looking for that family, as they are the proverbial persons of interest.  Neighbors basically said the people who lived there were quiet and kept to themselves. (All the potentially scary people in the world are quiet and keep to themselves, aren't they?)

Also, before this, somebody clogged all the house's drains with cement.

Of course, we don't yet know if the former tenants were behind all this handiwork.

But if the tenants were behind this, I hope they make their names public. I wouldn't want to so much as rent a video to these clowns, much less a house.

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