Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some Weirdo In Ohio Is Egging A House Pretty Much Every Day

This house has been hit with almost daily eggings
for a year. (You can see the damaged siding from the
repeated attacks on the house.)  
Somebody is really, really pissed at some poor 85 year old guy in Euclid, Ohio.

That really, really angry person has been egging the guy's house almost every day for a year, and nobody can figure out who's doing it.

The home Albert Clemens Sr., 85, owns has been hit with repeated egg attacks sine March of 2014, says

According to

"The house has been pelted with eggs several times a week -- sometimes more than once a day--for the past year. The attacks always happen ater dark and last around 10 minutes each.

'The accuracy is phenomenal, Albert Clemens, Sr. said. 'Because almost every time when it's nice weahter and they launch five or six of these at a time, they almost invariably hit the front door.'"

Police, neighbors and local government officials have tried to figure out who's doing this, but so far, to no avail.

Clemens lives in the green two story house with his daughter, 49, and his son, 51. Clemens' wife has passed away.

Eggs are caustic to paint, especially if you don't clean the mess up right away. The egg attacks have been too frequent to keep up with, so the front of the house is basically ruined.

It's not like police have been blowing off this series of attacks as a childish prank.

The investigation has taken on the hallmarks of a bizarre episode of NCIS.

At one point, the Euclid Police Departments entire community policing unit was on the case. Police have also staked out the house, and have been there when there has been egg attacks, but they still couldn't find the culprits.

One barrage of eggs hit a police officer in the foot while he was taken a report on an earlier egg onslaught at the Clemens home, reported.

They've also rigged up surveillance cameras at the house, but so far, nobody's been caught.

Analysis in a crime lab - police have even resorted to that - conclude the eggs came from a local Amish farm, but the trail ends there. Probably somebody is buying the eggs there, but the Amish farmer probably has no idea who that is.

Police have also tried to take DNA samples from egg shells at the crime scene, but there's something about shattering eggs that destroy DNA on them. So no luck there.

Police have also expended a lot of shoe leather going door to door looking for witnesses or clues. No luck there, either.

"Somebody is deeply, deeply angry at somebody in that household or some reason," said Euclid Police Lt. Mitch Houser, with considerable understatement

There's speculation that somebody has an egg gun, a device you can make or buy online that propels eggs large distances.

Judging from the Facebook reactions to the story, some of the neighbors are angry with Clemens because he was calling police to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

A few others have said that the son who lives there yells racist words from the deck of the house, angering neighbors, but that hasn't been proven.

Even if the son has been yelling the n-word, that's a matter for authorities to charge him with a hate crime or something. I'm not sure how the eggs would solve the situation, if it exists.

There's $1,000 reward for information on whoever is doing this.

Clemens won't fix the ruined siding on his house until the culprit is caught. And besides,  his insurer won't pay out a claim until somebody is arrested, noted

Whoever is arrested will face charges of felony vandalism, criminal damaging, and possibly a hate crime, police said.

I'd also want to know who would waste a year putting in that much time and effort to throw eggs at a house. People are strange, aren't they?

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