Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bernie Sanders Is A Presidential Shoo-In Now That Deez Nuts Has Endorsed Him

Why is this man smiling? Maybe because Deez Nuts
endorsed his presidential campaign. Add caption
The other day, we learned that a presidential candidate named Deez Nuts was polling at 9 percent in a North Carolina survey.

Deez Nuts is also doing better than some strugging Republican candidates.

Of course we learned that Deez Nuts turned out to be a prank. Deez Nuts is really Brady Olson, 15, of Wallingford, Iowa who decided on a whim to seek the Presidency.

He's endorsing himself for president, of course, but he really can't be president because there's this little clause that says he's not old enough. Still, I imagine Deez Nuts would do a better job as president than some of the other candidates, so there's that.

Given that he can't be president because of his age,  Deez Nuts has given his endorsement and he favors Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont running as a Democrat who is causing such a stir.  

With Deez Nuts behind you, Bernie,  you can relax. With that endorsement, you can just coast to the election and become our next president in 2016.

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