Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donald Trump Wins The Internet Troll Vote

Donald Trump trying to comprehend basic questions
thrown at him by Megyn Kelly at Thursday's Fox News debate.  
Everybody's been yakking about the awful things Donald Trump has said about Megyn Kelly and the blood remark which got him booted from a conservative gathering called RedState, sponsored by right winger Erick Erickson.

Trump is still whining because he thinks Kelly was a meanie for asking him pointed questions at the Fox News televised debate on Thursday.

He continued his rant against Kelly on CNN Friday night, when he said about Kelly: "there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of wherever," was too much for Erickson, you know you have problems.

Erickson is himself famous for his misogynistic bomb throwing.

Media Matters compiled Erickson's greatest anti-women hits. Included in the list is the time he called Michelle Obama a "Marxist harpy" and has said things about feminists on Twitter such as "That's what the feminazis were enraged over? Seriously?!?! Wow. That's what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain."

He called the first night of the 2012 Democratic convention the "vagina monologues" because several speakers were women. He called Wendy Davis, a Texas gubernatorial candidate "Abortion Barbie."

Even Megyn Kelly herself called Erickson's remarks about male dominance "offensive."

So you get the picture about Erickson.

Still, I'm totally in agreement with Erickson on this one. He did the right thing by dumping Trump from the RedState convention this weekend.

Let's see, Trump has totally alienated Latinos, military veterans and now women. He still has an absolute lock on the Internet troll constituency, though.

Erickson proved my Internet troll theory because at the RedState convention Saturday, he read what were basically mean Tweets from people who were totally pissed off at him for disinviting Trump. 

One of those missives Erickson read called him a liberal. Wow, Really? That message from "Thomas" said he is "so sick of political correctness I' might puke."

Another message to Erickson referred to Kelly in saying "Maybe you ask that (C-word) not to ask gobshit questions."

Another critic, a woman, said that Kelly "was very clearly on her (bleep)"

Yeah, those are the people supporting Trump. It's a bit scary there are that many of them out there.

As for Trump, he says we're all pervs, because he was "clearly" referring to a bloody nose. His campaign released a statement saying "only a deviant would think anything else"

The blood remark referred to a bloody nose, you sickos!!!!

Um, yeah, right.

Trump and his campaign are still whining. Gotta hand it to him, Trump takes whining to an art form. If there was an Oscar for whining, he'd clean house at the awards banquet.

Trump's campaign said Erickson is "a total loser" who "has a history of supporting establishment losers in failed campaigns."

Given Trump's whininess and his attitude toward women, it's scary to think what Trump would do if say, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pissed him off during some delicate diplomatic negotiations involving European security or something.

I'd also pay to see the inevitable fireworks between Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

So, the Trump trainwreck rolls on, aided and abetted by his dumb and classless supporters.

We'll just wait and see what ditch he lands in next.


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