Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Minions Attack Ireland! Now With Video!

A cheerful Minion cause mischief
and havoc on a Dublin, Ireland highway. 
UPDATE: We now have video of the Great Minion Attack on Dublin, 2015. See bottom of the post for the video!


Minions, those ubiquitous yellow pill shaped characters are all over the place now.

The characters, now in a current hit movie, seem to cause hilarious destruction and mayhem wherever they go.

Which is why I love them so much, even if they are now even more overplayed and overhyped than Donald Trump.

So it was in Ireland, when a giant, cheerful inflatable Minion caused havoc, just as the characters would in a movie.

As you can tell by the photo in this post, a big inflatable one blew onto a highway in Dublin.

The 30 by 40 foot Minion was eventually deflated and taken away in a wheelbarrow.

I'd love to have seen the look on the face of a dispatcher when police took the call of the giant Minion attacking cars on the Dublin road.

In the end, nobody got hurt and one car suffered minor damage.

The threat isn't over. I'm sure we'll hear more any day now of more Minion destruction and mischief.

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