Thursday, August 20, 2015

In Flight Safety Lectures Are Getting Much More Entertaining

Westjet flight attendant Michael McAdams gets
into the pre-flight safety briefing.  
Creative ways to do the traditional, required pre-flight safety speech on airline flights are all the rage these days.

Two new viral videos illustrate my point.

One shows a flight attendant in for Westjet in Canada doing an awesome pantomime of how it's done.

Michael McAdams does his thing as the pre-flight lecture is done in French, but he makes it easy for us English speaking jet setters.

Here's the video, with another different one to follow:

Next, we have a much more slick video. As noted in several other blogs I've seen, this must have the highest production values of any pre-flight video I've ever seen.

It features the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team, helped by a bunch of dancers and other co-stars, (including Rip Torn!)  giving the safety briefing for Air New Zealand.

Of course it's done to a "Men In Black" theme. It is pretty good.

Air New Zealand has done this before. In 2013, they did the pre-flight safety video with Betty White and other favorite old stars.

Here's the "Men In Black" Air New Zealand video:  

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