Friday, August 14, 2015

This Eagle Doesn't Like Drones, Either

Looks like the eagle in this pre-collision image
didn't like the drone in its flight path.  
There's been plenty of news recently about people being irritated or worse about drones.

Airline pilots have had to deal with drones flying nearby, which might be dangerous.

Firefighters in California have had to suspend aerial wildfire fighting because drones interfered. (Hey! let's fly a drone, get in the way of fire crews and get GREAT footage of the wildfire getting worse as a result!)

And people are suing each other over drone flights that are compromising their privacy.

Even wildlife is getting into the anti-drone act. Watch a drone view of an eagle dealing with that very drone (FYI, the eagle was not injured in this incident. I think the drone was, though.)

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