Thursday, August 20, 2015

Republicans Make More Sense In "Bad Lip Reading" Version Of Debate Footage

The best twist on a Republican debate this summer is
by far from Bad Lip Reading.  
There's a YouTube channel that takes public events, like political news and pop culture touchstones, and turns what everybody is saying into bad lip reading.

The words you hear on the Bad Lip Reading channel are incredibly absurd, but if you watch the lips of the speakers and listen to the nonsense Bad Lip Reading comes up with, it seems amazingly accurate.

A couple weeks ago, the Bad Lip Reading channel took a crack at the first Republican candidates debate held earlier this summer.

In the Bad Lip Reading version of the debate, Huckabee asks one of the Fox News moderators, "All your friends are bozos, but who's this Minion?"

The Fox guy says it's an old friend and a great gal, but Huckabee disagrees saying she "pooped on the treadmill."

Bad Lip Reading has Ted Cruz telling us, "We can just go out and collect a dead swan and then I will drink a sorority's goldfish."

Fox's Megyn Kelly asks Jeb Bush this all-important policy question: "How would you get a dead mouse in a crescent roll with some steak?"

Bush answers, "If a pit bull is loose in your house, you'll find me stiff on the bed because I'll always throw up."

Yes, it's certainly Theater of the Absurd, but frankly, the nonsense I'm highlighting from this video isn't much more bizarre than what some of the candidates are saying.

The second half of the video is precious, when each candidate gets to sing a closing song. Ben Carson's, at the end, is by far the best.

But you have to watch the entire video. I really hope Bad Lip Reading does a LOT more political videos between now and the 2016 election.   They already have a lot more hilarious videos you should watch, too. 

Here's the Republican Debate:

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