Monday, August 3, 2015

TV Reporter Exacts Revenge On Credit Card Thief

Accuased credit card thief Farah Parks being
confronted in a Texas hotel by a TV reporter
whose credit card information she allegedly stole.  
It's so infuriating!

Someone gets your credit card number, or buys it on the black market and has a field day.

Even if you don't lose money, it's a pain in the neck to freeze your account, get a new card, etc. etc.

This very thing happened to Steve Noviello, the consumer reporter for Fox 4 television news in Dallas-Fort Worth.

He discovered the problem pretty quickly, notified the police and placed a fraud alert on his card. The alert, well, alerted him that his credit card info was being used at a Dallas area hotel.

So, Noviello decided to go there for a look see.

There, he found Farah Parks being arrested by police for using Noviello's credit card and being led by authorities out of Room 239 of the local Hilton.

With that, he had the what had to be extreme satisfaction of getting Parks on camera, pretty much refusing to be interviewed, and Noviello intrepidly asking questions of her anyway.

At first, she denied using Noviello's credit card number, then said she got it from someone else.

Then, police, Parks and Noviello all managed to crowd into an elevator down to the first floor.

Here's how the interview went:
Noviello: I'd love for you to be able to help me, Farah. Where are you from? Are you local?
Parks: I've just made some bad choices in my life. I'm aware of that and I apologize.
Novello: OK, I appreciate your apology and I"m just hoping  you might be able to help me.. I'm gonna come and make a request to come visit you after you get arrested and we can talk, OK?

It was not OK. Surprise! Parks did not agree to an interview.

That, probably, was a disappointment for Noviello. But at least he got his revenge, on air, for the credit card info theft.

I still have mixed opinions of public shamings like this, but my base instinct in this case is go for it.

Here's the whole video of what happened with the attempted interview with Farah Parks:

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