Sunday, December 13, 2015

Alton Brown Tells You What Kitchen Gadget NOT To Buy This Christmas

Alton Brown finds a great use for the Perfect Meat Handling
and Shredding Claws, but that use has little to do with cooking. 
Alton Brown, the celebrity chef from the Food Network has some Christmas gift ideas for you.

Some really bad ideas.

In a YouTube video from Daily Dot, Brown rails against these ridiculous "unitaskers" you can buy on Amazon.

Basically, they're gadgets that have only one, limited use, instead of handy things that you can do many things with as you're preparing your holiday feasts.

What makes the viral video fun is how Brown describes in his deadpan way how ridiculous these gadgets are. But of course there are suckers out there buying them.

All the gadgets are indeed bad, but Brown has some sympathy for a couple of them, but not because they're good tools for the kitchen.

One, called the Perfect Meat Handling and Shredding Claws, which shreds meat no better than your average fork. But as Brown notes, the Shredding Claws are perfect if you want to pretend to be the Wolverine. 

Then there's the Rollie, a device that's suppose to cook an egg,  resulting in a highly unappetizing looking egg thing that rises from the top of the machine like some phallic disaster.

The Rollie infomercial is really something to watch, too! 

In the Alton Brown video, it takes the Rollie 17 minutes to cook an egg, a job that usually takes a couple minutes maybe. But Brown notes The Rollie probably has performance issues and is sensitive to being watched while it is, um, erecting the egg.

Here's the video, which is totally worth watching, especially for you foodies out there:

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