Saturday, December 12, 2015

You'll Hear A Lot From Awesome The Voice Contestant Jordan Smith..

Jordan Smith does an incredible version of
"Somebody To Love" on "The Voice." 
UPDATE: In case you haven't heard, Jordan Smith won Season 9 of "The Voice" Tuesday evening, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I think he's got a long, successful career ahead of him.

By the way, I really love Smith's parents, who cried with pride through every episode, and did so when brought up on stage last night when Smith won.

Kudos to his coach, Adam Levine, too, for giving Smith the latitude to do things his way. And nice bear hug by Levine given to Smith's mom. Very nice moment!


I get nervous anytime somebody tries to sing like the late, great Freddie Mercury

Mercury, the frontman for Queen, had in my opinion perhaps the best rock singing voice of anybody through the decades.

On the many singing competition shows out there, contestants sometimes try to show their chops by trying to be be the next Freddie Mercury. It usually doesn't work.

However, The Voice contestant Jordan Smith this past week took a stab at Freddie Mercury and Queen's "Somebody To Love."

The results were amazing, and so good Smith's "Somebody To Love" managed to knock the unstoppable Adele's "Hello" out of the top spot on iTunes.

He's also the first person on record to replace himself at the Number 1 spot on Billboard's Hot Christian Songs list. His "The Voice" performance of "Hallelujah" dethroned his earlier cover of "Great Is They Faithfulness."

On top of his powerful voice, Smith had a gospel choir perform backup for "Somebody To Love." It worked perfectly.

See for yourself in the video below. Jordan Smith is just amazing, and I hope we hear from him for a long time to come:

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