Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Today's Overreaction: Man's Credit Card Declines At Hotel, Goes On Rampage

Police in Oklahoma say John Parsley, 62,
rammed his truck into a hotel because
the front desk declined his credit card.
According to police, John Edward Parsley, 62 of Gonzales, Texas tried to check into the Comfort Inn in Alva, Oklahoma, but his credit card declined.

He had to pay cash.

A situation like that might vaguely irritate you and me, but we'd get over it in, oh, I don't know, two seconds.

Not Parsley, oh, no. It was an OUTRAGE the hotel declined his credit card. So he did what any American would, or so he thought. He slammed his big pickup truck through the lobby and into the front desk.

He barely missing two receptionists who scrambled to get out of the way and succeeded, just barely.

You can view the surveillance camera video of the crash at the bottom of this post.

The Enid (OK) News & Eagle reported that apparently, Parsley had contacted Alva Police about the credit card decline.

The News and Eagle said the officer said he'd go inside and discuss the credit card issue with management. Office Wade Sutton's report said, "I observed Parsley reach up and place his vehicle in drive and accelerate rapidly, crashing into the hotel front entrance and into the lobby."

After the crash, he got out of the truck with his hands up to be greeted by Alva police, who were not amused.

He told police  he drove into the hotel because "they thought he was bluffing, and he proved he wasn't."

On the bright side, Parsley got some accommodations that night. Authorities charged him with assault and battery, and malicious destruction of property and held for lack of $1 million bond.

On the ugly side - there's lots of ugly here but this is the ugliest - racism might have been a factor here. Parsley said he kept having trouble with "Indian" hotel personnel.

Also, I'm laughing, but this could have been tragic. The two women behind the desk could have been killed!

Here's the video of this idiot crashing into the hotel:

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