Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Downs Syndrome Kids Recreate Famous Paintings, Beautifully

Left: "Fifer" by Manet, Flavio poses for similar
photograph by Seola Zani. 
Sometimes great works of art beg to be recreated.

If only placed in the right hands.

The right hands in this case belong to Seola Zani, an Albanian photographer.

Zani had an ingenious idea: He took famous paintings, and used children with Downs Syndrome to recreate those paintings through photography.

Zani used famous paintings such as "Child With Dove" and Paulo as Harloquin, both by Picasso; "The Fifer," by Manet; "Prima Ballerina" by Degas and "Clara Serena Rubens" by Rubens

According to the Web site TheMighty, a web site with articles about successes with special needs youths, Zani specializes in family photography, and has always been drawn to classic works, so the photo project was perfect for her.
Left, "The Dancer" by Renoir: Right, "The Damcer"
(Ima) buy Seola Zani

Said Zani:

"The message I want to share through this project is that every human is a piece of art, so we have to learn to see them in a beautiful way....These children are beautiful, and they are able to do everything if we give them a chance."

I have to say, judging by the photos, Zani has certainly highlighted the beauty she describes.

Left, "Child With Dove" By Picasso, Right: "Child With
Dove," (Eljana) Ny Seola Zani.

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