Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bank Robbed During Live News Report About A Previous Bank Robbery

During a live shot on the noon news, a bank employee
(in blue shirt) tells KIMT reporer Adam Sellet
that the bank is being robbed again. 
During the noon news on television station KIMT in Mason City, Iowa Monday, reporter Adam Sallet began his live shot in front a southern Minnesota bank, which had been robbed the previous day.

Salute was just launching into his update on the robbery investigation when things went off the rails.

As Sallet begins talking, you see a man in a blue shirt run out of the bank behind him, then run past the reporter while pointing and saying, "That guy right there!"

Sallet appeared confused for a moment, looked to where the guy in the blue shirt had pointed and says, "Oh, that's the robber."

Yup, the robber had returned to the bank to rip it off for the second day in a row, and the TV station was there to record it.

Sallet says in the video "That's live TV," then ducks out of the live shot to call 911. The report then cuts bact to the KIMT anchor, who also appears taken aback, says "I can assure you that was not set up," and then proceeds with the news.

Ryan Liskow, 36, was later arrested and faces charges for Monday's bank robbery and Tuesday's basically televised attempt at a re-do.

Here's the great video of all this from KIMT:

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