Thursday, December 31, 2015

Security Cam Reviews 2015 On World's Oddest Street Corner

A crash or crime or something caught on
security camera in Chilliwack, British Columbia
A lot of strange things went down on
this corner during 2015. 
Chilliwack, British Columbia seems to be one happening town.

At least one street corner in that community is.

Somebody who has security cameras on his property near this street corner has put up a year in review for 2015 for all the interesting things seen through the surveillance lenses.

We get lots of drug deals, even more idiots doing dumb things in cars, sketchy people repeatedly going into the carport, at least one beating, police cars, emergency vehicles, and a definite act of fire hydrant vandalism.

The most intelligent beings seen on camera are not humans, but some raccoons carousing the night away. They are definitely smarter than the people caught on camera.

The highlight video - all 12 minutes of it -- is worth watching

If only to reflect in the joy that your neighborhood isn't as wild as this one.

Then again, you're not always home. You don't know what goes on, unless you have cameras to catch it


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