Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jeb Bush Lunch Bags and Clocks, Elizabeth Warren Discos, Bernie Finds Religion: Weird Gifts

Just in time for Christmas gift giving.
A Bernie Sanders prayer candle! 
Mother Jones just put out a gift guide of sorts, featuring some of the more unusual political gifts you could give this holiday season.

Bernie Sanders seems to be the politician most featured in these items, but there's stuff for people of every political stripe.

Following are some of the um, novel products Mother Jones featured, in no particular order.

There's a Bernie Sanders prayer candle, available on Etsy from an outfit called GoSaintYourself. 

The candle dubs Sanders "Saint Bernie" and has him wearing what appear to be Roman Catholic robes, holding an ancient Bible and I don't know what else.

Sanders is Jewish, but that's kinda besides the point, I guess.

Wouldn't you just love to have this Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren
Holiday Disco Paper Ornament? 
Brown bagging it to work? Then how about a collection of brown bags with Jeb Bush's face painted on it, and the logo "Jeb Bush For President *2016*"?  Could be a good diet gimmick. You see that lunch bag and you won't want to eat.

How about a Jeb Bush clock instead? It's a clock dominated by a stern looking Jeb Bush, probably telling those lazy good for nothing low income people to get back to work dammit, lunch time is over!

Probably my favorite political gift highlighted in Mother Jones is the Holiday Disco Party With Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Paper Ornament.

The ornament is just as it says. It depicts Bernie, in red hightops, and Elizabeth Warren in full party dance mode with a mirror ball festooned with holiday lights above them.

True, I wouldn't call real life Elizabeth Warren a Dancing Queen, and Bernie Sanders isn't exactly John Travolta, (though he did dance a bit in a recent appearance on the Ellen show.)

Unfortunately, the Holiday Disco Party With Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Paper Ornament proved hugely popular, and is sold out. Ahhhhhh.

On the bright side, though, from the same company, FullSnowMoon you can still get a paper ornament depicting Chris Christie serving cookies, John Boehner as a Christmas elf or Donald Trump as part of a still life of a bowl of fruit.

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