Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Before Last Night's Arrest, The Oregon Militia Standoff Gets Sumo Weirder.

Before that stupid Oregon standoff took a more
serious turn last night, this guy challenged New
Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to a sumo match over
the matter, proving how weird the whole incident
has been getting. 
Last night, the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon by those weird militia guys got more serious, with one of them killed and seven others arrested, apparently as they made their way to some sort of community meeting they called.

The deceased guy is apparently LaVoy Finicum, the de facto spokesman for the militants. Their ringleader, Ammon Bundy, was one of those arrested, we hear. 

I don't know if this the end of the takeover of the wildlife refuge by these wannabe revolutionaries, who apparently think the US of A belongs to these rednecky white guys and nobody else.

There are still some of them holed up at the refuge, and at last report, it was unclear what would happen next.

The whole thing has kept taking stranger and stranger turns anyway.

Now a warning, don't watch the video at the bottom of this post if you're eating or particularly squeamish. More on that in a moment.

Despite the increasing seriousness of the Oregon situatio, I can't resist this little gem.

One of those odd militia guys who took over that wildlife refuge in Oregon has a challenge for New Jersey Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Chris Christie.

Boy, is it a challenge!

Chris Christie is apparently unimpressed with this band of so-called "Patriots" that took over that Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in Oregon,

The wannabe frontier guys or whatever in Oregon aren't happy with Christie for not being a wackadoodle who thinks white guys who pretend to be soldiers and frontiersmen so they can use publicly owned land only for themselves at the exclusion of the rest of American taxpayers who also own the land.

Enter Kelly Gneiting with a video, and it's quite a video, as Raw Story and many other media outlets report.

As we see in our video, Gneiting is a big, BIG man, pretty much naked except for one of those sumo wrestler loincloth outfits. He challenges Christie to a sumo wrestling match that would determine the outcome of the Oregon wackos' millitants' occupation.

I guess the "logic" as it were, is that Christie is a big guy himself, so we'll do a sumo match to settle the matter. I suppose Gneiting figures a sumo match is a better way to settle a difference of opinion, then, say, debating the issue.

In the video, Gneiting claims to be Christie's brother. He wants Chrisite to "throw on a diaper" and "go to war over the Constitution."

Why do I suspect that Christie is not going to do that?

After jokingly claiming he rolled "his brother Christie" down the stairs in a sleeping bag, Gneiting made this offer:

"Bring that big 'ol belly over here, and let's' slap bellies...."

(Editor's note: EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!)

Gneiting goes on:

"......I'm talking about 10 bouts - you win one of out those 10 and me and these other good, constitutional folk - I'm going to make them sumo wrestlers too -- all these good, constitutional folk, we'll disperse. But if I win all 10, I get to roll you down the stairs in that sleeping bag again. Woo-hoo, little Chrissy!!!'


Given the very unfortunate death and the somewhat more fortunate arrests last night,  and the fact that Christie has at least a minimum of common sense, I don't anticipate writing a follow up post detailing the highlights of the would-be Christie-Gneiting sumo match.

Because of course it won't happen.

So all we have is Gneiting, in his classic sumo video, inviting Christie to the match.

Watch if you dare:

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