Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Guy Who's Blind In One Eye Finds His Perfect Dog Companion

Jordan Trtent, who is blind in one eye
with his new bestie, who also has vision
in only one eye.
This isn't a big, consequential story, but it's an example of how it's great when somebody finds a perfect friend.

A guy named Jordan Trent has been blind in one eye since he was in middle school.

He and a bunch of family members were in Texas recently when they went to a flea market.

There, they found a guy sellig a puppy, a mini Australian Shepherd. It was the last one of the litter, because nobody wanted it.

Why? the puppy had been born with just one eye.

Perfect!! As you can imagine, Trent and the puppy bonded. The pup is now named Shiner Solo, and the man and his dog get along famously.

I'm only tellling this story because i a world where there's so much bad news (Hi, North Korea and your alleged new hydrogen bomb!) --- that you want a story with a happy ending.

The one eyed dog isn't a big story of national importance, I get that, but it IS important that we hear about every happy, perfect ending we can grab onto.

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