Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trump WAYYYY Overbooks Vermont Venue: This Ought To Be Interesting

Donald Trump is holding a rally in Burlington,
Vermont tonight, but gave away WAAY too many tickets
Hooray for Trump supporters!!  The Donald is holding a rally tonight at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, Vermont.

Here's the problem: The Flynn has a capacity for 1,400 attendees. The Donald's campaign has issued 20,000 tickets. See the problem here?

According to the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press, the city's mayor, fire marshall and police chief are not amused by this situation.

This will mean that many Trump supporters, who are often perpetually angry anyway, will be angrier still for not getting in.

This is also liberal Vermont remember.  Which means that also outside the Flynn tonight is sure to be a LOT of demonstrators who don't like The Donald at all.

You can see why the mayor, the fire marshall and the police chief are in a grumpy mood today.

The Burlington Free Press has this quote:

"'I wonder if the Trump campaign took into account the safety of the police officers who have to contend with large, dissatisfied crowds,' Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo said. 'This situation would place police officers in needless confrontations with citzenry.'"

del Pozo said he would have shut down tonight's Trump venue had it been a music concert or something because of the safety worries, but he's not in this case because it's a political event, and he wants to protect First Amendment rights to free speech.  

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger is peeved with Trump campaign, too, says the Burlington Free Press. 

"Their attitude is, what happens outside the venue is someone else's responsibility," Weinberger said of Trump's campaign. "It's not the way I would treat my supporters, people coming to an event of mine."
Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington,
Vermont has a capacity of 1,400 or so, but Donald
Trump's campaign distributed 20,000 tickets for the event. 

Which raises questions about a Trump presidency: If he made a mess of things either diplomatically, or with the economy or anything else important, would Trump just say it's somebody else's problem to clean up?

I'm prone to conspiracy theories, so here's my latest: Does Trump hope for trouble, so that he can tell his "real Americam" supporters that those horrible liberals like the ones in Vermont, are violent jerks who are to be hated and not trusted?  

Again, that's just a wild conspiracy theory which has no basis in fact, but Trump does make you wonder.

Next door to the Flynn Theater is a wonderful little sandwich shop called Kountry Kart Deli. They've introduced a new sandwich this week called "The Trump."

It's bologna on white bread. Kountry Kart is charging $20.16 for this sandwich. Eat up, kiddies!

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