Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Best Explanation Of The Confusing Iowa Caucuses Comes From Vermont

Vermont Public Radio has the best explanation of
how the Iowa Caucus works. They just use Legos.
The whole political process leading up to the Iowa caucuses has been childish.

So why not use childrens' toys to explain the convoluted process of how the whole damn thing works?   Try Legos

The Iowa caucuses are tomorrow, and nobody really understands how they select their favored candidates. I didn't, until Vermont Public Radio of all things, explained it.

The public radio station made a YouTube video using little Lego figures to explain the process.

Why Vermont Public Radio? Well, a candidate from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is a leading contender there, so VPR is covering the hell out of this.

Plus, VPR is in Vermont. We're all strange here.

Vermont Public Radio has been getting some national attention for their innovative video. I just saw it  at Raw Story, a national political and news web site.  Gizmodo also featured it. 

I won't even try to explain the Iowa caucuses. I'll let Vermont Public Radio do it with their innovative Lego video:

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