Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vermont-Style Crime: Xanax Smuggling On A Sled

A guy tried to smuggle Xanax from Canada into
Vermont by pulling a bunch of it on a sled
through the snow. 
It's winter here in Vermont, so sometimes, if you've got a criminal enterprise going, you have to make allowances for the weather.

Such was the case last week, when a man in white winter camouflage clothing trudged through the snow through the woods from Quebec across the border into Vermont.

He was pulling a sled piled up with nearly 200 pounds of Xanax, writes Adam Silverman in the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press. 

The Xanax this guy had is worth about $1.6 million, authories said.

Prosecutors said Cedrick Bourgault-Morin, 21, of Quebec was caught in the Vermont border town of North Troy after his trip across that border trip sensors that bristle in that area.

Says the Free Press:

"Border Patrol agents who responded 'observed a single adult male, dressed in white camouflage clothing walking along the railroad tracks pulling a sled behind him. The sled contained one large duffel bag wrapped in white camouflage,' according to a criminal complaint written by Agent John McGarghan."

This happened Wednesday, and the weather was pretty good that day. Not much snow falling, not very cold. This guy would have been better off waiting for a blizzard so he couldn't be seen so easily.

But he's gotta meet demand. Addicts in the USA need their Xanax. Hell, the way the news and American politics has been going lately, everybody needs their Xanax.

Not surprisingly, authorities believe Bourgault-Morin's little winter adventure is part of a larger drug smuggling conspiracy. I'm sure they'll be asking him lots of questions. Maybe on Lake Champlain's thin ice, for all I know.

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