Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Zealand Sheep Thwart High Speed Chase

New Zealand police make their arrest after
sheep (seen in background) halted the suspects' car.
Authorities routinely put up road blocks to stop those high speed chases you always see, the ones where people futiily try to roar away from cops in their cars, only to get caught anyway.

Such was the case recently in New Zealand, but it was a New Zealand style roadblock that ended the car chase.

Police were chasing the suspects when a flock of sheep belonging to an off-duty cop, were led onto a road.

It turns out the sheep were there coincidentally, and the farmer had no idea a high speed chase was on the way, but it all worked out.

The sheep and the dogs guiding them totally blocked the road, which stopped the car being driven by the suspects, allowing police to make their arrests.

None of the sheep and dogs were injured during this, which is the best thing of all.

Two men, ages 19 and 23, were charged with reckless driving, failing to stop for flashing lights, three thefts related to gas station drive-offs and theft of a motor vehicle.

Hmm, wonder if these guys will be counting sheep as they try to drift off to sleep in their jail cells.

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