Sunday, January 3, 2016

When Videos For Gloriously Over The Top Songs Are Even More So, I Rejoice

Big hairy Mouth, left, appears to attack a woman
on MacNeal's lap as the two perform their 1972 hit
"How Do You Do" 
Right before Christmas, while struggling to not listen to the same stupid three holiday carols for the 1,567.293,234th time, I switched over to the 1970s station on Sirius radio.

I was delighted to hear something I hadn't heard in ages. "How Do You Do" by Mouth and MacNeil.

Most of you don't remember that one hit wonder, I bet.

But I do.

I'm a connoisseur of bad pop songs and this one has it all.  It features a loud guy (Mouth) demanding, HOW DO YOU DO?! UH-HUH!  I THOUGH WHY NOT NA-NA-NA-NA !!!!!!" and MacNeal (the sweet, quieter woman) singing the same thing. Sweetly.

The music of this 1972 hit stomps along like a toddler on the verge of a tantrum pretending to be in a marching band

All the while Mouth and MacNeal gleefully keep singing "Na Na Nah Na Na Na Nah!" like first grade mean girls ganging up on the shy kid with glasses.

It's all wonderful fun.  And scarily happy sounding.

When I looked the song up on line, I was even more thrilled. The video is even more bizarre than the song. What luck!

Mouth, the loud guy, is a big hairy dude dressed fetchingly in kelly green fur.  MacNeal is in spring green feathers and a pink shirt. They're in a bar surrounded by teens and 20 somethings, many of whom appear coked out.

During the performance, Mouth and MacNeal have a fight over pretzels.

Mouth produces a red haired puppet on a platter, turns it upright and feeds it a drink. Which probably isn't a good idea, since the puppet already looks really hammered.

I'm also not sure about the lost looking woman in the big striped hat and red shirt looking bewildered on the floor at about 1:04 into the video.

As the song stomps along, the people in the well lit bar keeping clapping and bouncing, probably disrupting fault lines and causing a nasty earthquake in the remote mountains of China.

I sound awfully like I'm picking nastily on this whole thing, but I find everything about "How Do You Do" absolutely delightful. It's perfect kitsch, and I truly love it.

Here's the video to give you today's bizarre earworm. You won't regret watching it.

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