Sunday, October 30, 2011

Epic Snow Misses N. Vermont, Beautiful Dusting Instead

I'm sure you've heard all over the news how the Northeast got clobbered with the worst October snowstorm on record.

It's chaos out there, with trees still with leaves catching the one, two, in a few case almost three feet of snow. Those trees collapsed under the weight of the snow, and three million homes and businesses had no power today.
A dusting of snow on a rhododendron this morning
in St. Albans, Vermont

Up here in St. Albans, in the northwest corner of Vermont, the snow was if anything, enchanting and not dangerous. We only got a dusting. Around Halloween is about the time of year we get our first little bit of snow, so it was about average for us.

The result was a little fairy dust snow on the remaining fall foliage, without the havoc of broken trees, broken power lines, broken spirits.

As I always do when something happens, no matter how minor, I grab the camera and start shooting. The result is the snowy autumn photos in this post
A few snowflakes rest on a colorful
sugar maple leaf in St. Albans, Vermont Sunday

The snow was pretty, but it's too early for it to remain long. So it was fortunate the sun came out this morning, and our trace of snow disappeared.

We'll get plenty of other chances to enjoy the snow in the northern reaches of Vermont between now and April.
A dusting of snow on a sugar maple
Sunday morning in St. Albans, Vermont

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