Saturday, October 15, 2011

Staffing Goes to the Dogs

I had to get ahold of somebody at a government agency in Vermont called the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization, or CCMPO. Yep, a nice dry, alphabet soup outfit. They plan transportation priorities, Not a lot of drama.

To find who I was looking for, I went to their Web site's staff list. It had the usual listing: "Jane Smith (I made up the name) joined the CCMPO in 2008 and is responsible for managing the Transportation Implementation Program blah....blah....blah...zzzzzzz"

At the bottom of the staff list I got a nice surprise. I always like finding a sense of humor amid the dullness of bureaucracy.

The last staff member on the list was listed as follows: "Meeka, a dog. Meeka joined the CCMPO in the summer of 2010 and is responsible for maintaining staff morale. She does bark and jumps up sometimes but is overall a pretty good dog."

I hope Meeka enjoys a long and successful career at the CCMPO. Hmm. Maybe my Jackson the cocker spaniel can go out and get a job. We do need the extra income.

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  1. Denis and I have not seen any dogs at all in Mauritius, let alone working ones! Jackson been to school yet? No school, no work I'm afraid.