Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Vermont Fall Foliage

Fall foliage season in Vermont only lasts a short time, but it is always glorious.  After a couple weeks of great color,  the mountains are turning winter gray as the leaves fall. Only the Champlain valley and lowlands in the southern half of Vermont have full color. There's probably only a week or so of decent leaf peeping left.
Golden leaves reflected in a pond being
rippled by a breeze in Richmond, Vermont

We've got another windy rainstorm coming tomorrow night, so more of the foliage will fade. With a dull overcast today, I have a chance to go through a few of the pics I took. Some are traditional landscape photos, some are experiments, like the one I posted last week.

I'll give you a couple examples of what I came up with in this post.  Of course, there are better fall foliage photographers than I, but just going out and shooting is fun, and maybe it will increase my skills further.
Red leaves with a stark gray
background in Richmond, Vermont. 

A hilly autumn landscape near Bakersfield, Vermont. 

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  1. Love the top two and some of VT's stange hill in the 3rd.