Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Marriage Withstands the Sandstorm of Time

Found this hilarious wedding video, at the bottom of this post, out of Arizona recently. It vividly illustrates  the perils of an outdoor wedding.

The ceremony is under way, and all of a sudden the groom looks up in shock and surprise. Yep, a wall of dust is heading right toward them.  Well, at least it wasn't rain. Or lightning.  Watching the video made me conclude I will never, EVER get married in Arizona.

Soon the haboob hits. I love the irony of the happy couple in the midst of the sandstorm pouring together two vessels of sand into one to symbolize their union. Couldn't they just grab dust and sand out of the air?  There sure was plenty of it.  But grabbing the blowing sand from everywhere would have symbolized polygamy, I guess, so it's just as well our newlyweds stuck to the original plan of their ceremony.

At some points, the couple and the priest marrying them almost disappear in the dust and sand and wind. I bet the pair wished they eloped to someplace non-sandy.  They should have come here to Vermont. No sand storms ever. Of course the epic floods we've been getting lately might have turned the wedding into a washout. I guess there's no safe place.

Happily, the couple muscled through this early test of marriage bliss. No word on how the guests managed the dust.  People cry at weddings, but I bet the dust inspired a few extra tears.

I hope the reception was indoors and everybody had nice, refreshing drinks.  Maybe somebody bought the happy couple a Dustbuster as a wedding gift.

I also sure hope they didn't serve sandwiches (ha!) at that reception.

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