Wednesday, October 12, 2011

National Idiot Day

Some days, the news is filled with people being idiots more so than usual. So maybe National Idiot Day was yesterday or today.

The Republican debates, one of which was last night, are always fodder for laughs at some of the things candidates said. Michelle Bachman thinks Herman Cain's 999 plan might be the devil's work because if you turn "999" upside down, you get "666"

Rick Perry said the American Revolution happened in the 16th century.  But enough politics.

We also have the victims of a Danvers, Mass. corn maze. Seems mom, dad, and three-month old baby got lost in the corn maze. It was getting dark and they couldn't find their way out. So they called the cops.
The corn maze in Danvers, Mass. where a
family called 911 because they were lost

Um, I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but couldn't they, uh, bushwhack through the corn instead of following the zigzag paths of the maize maze if they were that stuck?

Mom says she's never taking her three month old out again. That's a little overprotective, if you ask me. But then again, if mom gets lost that easily, and panics that easily, maybe it's all for the best.

Next, we move on to New York, where some guy took the subway. Which is fine, since millions of people do that routinely. But he did it while clinging to the outside of the subway car. I sort of wanted the guy to fall off and touch the third rail, just out of spite of his stupidity.

The NYPD Transit Bureau, in a fit of understatement, had this response: "The act shown in this video is both stupid and dangerous." Yeah, I'd say so.

Here's the video of this moron:

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