Friday, October 21, 2011

World Ends Today, Again!

For the umpteenth time, the world is going to end today.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Harold Camping, who told us the world would end on May 21 (and also in 1994, but whatever) said the world would end Friday, October. 21. That's today, folks.

The article notes that Camping is not quite as strident in his prediction as he was on May 21. (We're still here!)
Harold Camping is predicted the end of the world
today, again

It won't be a big noisy deal, he says. Just the end, sort of, kind of, but he doesn't say exactly what that means.

There was quite a bit of mocking and moaning back in May during the original prediction.  A few people panicked. More just made jokes by putting out clothes on park benches with nobody in them to suggest the clothes' owners went up in the rapture.

I celebrated the rapture on May 21 by mowing the lawn. OK, I'm unimaginative. Sue me.

Camping is also making excuses for May 21.  The article states: "He now characterizes May 21 as a tremendous event that unleashed a spiritual judgement day, not the material one he expected."

Oh, really? Pardon my ignorance, but I see nothing different now that we're a few months past May 21. What does a spiritual judgement day look like? Does God judge how you look while you pray, kind of like the goofy judges scrutinize the B-list celebrity contestants on "Dancing With The Stars?"

Or is a spiritual judgement day a time when we more often see images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on window reflections. kudzu infestations and pieces of toast?

I don't know what I'm going to do today to celebrate the end of the world. At work, I have a couple deadlines to meet. But if everybody's dead by tomorrow, does that mean my deadlines are, well, dead?

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe

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