Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fading Fall Beauty

Up until now, it's been a warm autumn here in Vermont. Some foliage, and flower gardens have lasted until now, October 26. Usually by now, most plants and trees have gone dormant, and we've entered the gray stick season.
Flowers still bloom vigorously at the end
of October in Burlington, Vermont

Today was the first truly chilly, almost wintry day. It's snowing in parts of the state. It's a cold afternoon, in the 30s, damp and overcast. Yucky.

We haven't really had a hard freeze yet. This cold wave has just started, and the hard temperatures in the 20s won't come until tonight or over the weekend. So there's some unusual fall and even almost summer beauty to lighten up the drab almost November Vermont surroundings, as you can see in the photos I took that are in this post. The frost will nip tonight and tomorrow, so even these colors will fade to brown.
Ivy has turned dark orange on this
brick wall in Burlington, Vermont
forming a nice, monochromatic image

Decorative grass glows during a brief
interval of sun yesterday in Burlington, Vermont

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