Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korean Kim Jong Il Stops Looking At Things

As you've heard on the news, North Korean "dear leader" as they say, Kim Jung Il has died.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be serious, because the death raises all kinds of geopolitical uncertainty. And you're not supposed to mock the dead, although I do have trouble respecting anyone who was so lousy to his people, what with all that crappy poverty and oppression North Koreans were subjected to under his horrible rule.
Just-deceased horrible North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il looks at
some soda bottles. Seems he was always just
looking at things

Still, Kim Jung Il was probably most famous, other than his dictatorship, for looking at things. It seems that's all he did. There's a whole Tumblr site, "Kim Jung Il Looking At Things" that has a zillion pictures of him doing just that.

No wonder North Korea is in such bad shape. Yes, his policies were oppressive and horrible. But he also wasted all his time looking at things.  Recent posts on "Kim Jung Il Looking at Things" has him looking at a sweater, a leaflet, a persimmon tree, a computer room, rice, a soft drink, a statuette and some paper.

Apparently, he even died looking at things. According to the uber flowery wording of the official North Korean news agency, the dictator died Saturday of a heart ailment under the "great mental and physical strain" of "high intensity field inspection."

In other words, Kim Jung Il was doing what he loved when he died: Just looking at things.

Apparently,  Kim Jung Il's young son is going to take over in North Korea. Nobody expects things to improve in that sad country, but really. I hope the son doesn't take after his father. There really isn't anything interesting to look at.

BREATHLESS UPDATE: Never fear, now that we know that Kim Jung Ils son, King Jong Un is taking over North Korea, there's a brand new Tumblr site, King Jung Un Looking at Things.

Thanks goodness for continuity.

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  1. My father had a love of looking at things what can I say. In his final years he instilled that love of looking at random things in north korea in me.

    Now that the country is in my hands I am going to try and do my best and look at as much as possible. Don't worry I will keep you updated every step of the way on