Friday, December 16, 2011

Mexican Radio: Blast From The Past

Most radio stations play the same three songs over and over again, so I'm delighted when one breaks the rules and plays something that I haven't heard in a great while.

I know, I know, in this day in age, I can seek out these songs on line or anywhere else digitally.
The '80s band Wall of Voodoo

Problem is, you don't realize you've forgotten the joy of some forgotten, bizarre song until somebody plays it for you.

The other day, cruising the highway between Swanton and St. Albans, Vermont, the radio station crackled with this 1980s gem, "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo. Just a happily bizarre little song. As you see in the video it's done by a band whose lead singer is a twitchy guy who looks like he's really about to lose it.

That lead singer, Stan Ridgway, is still around and continues to have a successful career.

Anyway, here's the fun, insane video. A 1983 blast from the past. (You might have to endure an ad first)

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