Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Stupid Crime Fail: Mom's Really Not Dead.

In my never-ending quest to document really, really bad criminals I've got a couple more.

You decide whether I'm trying to make you feel better by highlighting people much less smart than you, or I'm training criminals on what not to do.

We're all familiar with the old college standby, getting out of an exam because a relative died.
Well, one guy tried to get out of work by saying his mother died. And the method he used was so much work, it probably would have been easier for him just to show up at his damn job.
Oops. Son lied. Pat Bennett is alive and well

To get bereavement leave from his workplace, he submitted his mother's obituary to a local paper. Problem was, dear old mom wasn't dead at all. 

The paper fell for the obit, but then relatives, and then mom herself came forward to say reports of her death were highly exaggerated.

So our "bereaved" son, Scott Bennett, 45, probably will get time off from his job.  Permanently. He's also charged with disorderly conduct. So I guess in a sense he now really is bereaved. No job, court dates, etc. Depressing, no?

Did he honestly think that nobody would find out his mom was still alive?  I mean, she probably spent time visiting friends, going shopping, maybe working. I'm guessing here, but dead people probably tend not to do such things.

Maybe he just should have told his boss his nonexistent dog ate his homework.

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