Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lawnmowers, Crocodiles, Weddings and Tornadoes

We devote this post to unplanned moments on routine days.

First, we go to Austrailia, where mowing the lawn got more challenging. I feel for this guy. When I mow lawns for myself or customers, I always seem vexed by balky lawnmowers, rocks and sticks in the way, errant snakes or frogs getting caught in the blades, or unpleasant weather, like snow or 100 degree heat, which can make lawnmowing a challenge.

But I experienced nothing like this guy. His lawnmower encountered a hungry critter. Watch:

Next we go to a wedding. Very nice. Beautiful blushing bride, handsome groom, nice authoritative preacher.

Then the moment comes: The preacher says "If anyone opposes this wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Then the tornado warning siren goes off. Somebody objects, apparently. No word yet if the marriage is surviving. Watch and laugh:

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