Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She Should Have Said "No"

The time around Christmas and New Year's is the most popular time of year for marriage minded people to pop the question.

In Burlington, Vermont, one guy got way too into the swing of things. He's in jail, and presumably his betrothed is rethinking things.

According to police, and the Burlington Free Press,  Ryan Jarvis, 25, grabbed a $3,200 ring from a Zales jewelry store in Burlington mall. It was a nice 14 caret specimen, so he has nice taste. He ran out without paying for it. Guess he wanted to impress his girl.

Said girl was indeed impressed. Having no idea the thing was stolen she said Yes!, and was so happy she posted to Facebook a picture of the nice ring.

The gal's friends saw the posting and got suspicious, since the ring looked just like the one that was pictured on news reports. They pointed police to the Facebook post, who found the would be fiancee.  It also didn't help Jarvis supposedly browsed in the jewelry store for an hour before the theft, affording surveillance cameras and employees to get a good look at him.

At last check, Jarvis was arrested, but has been released on conditions. One of them is that he stay away from the mall where he allegedly stole the ring.  

According to the report in the Burlington Free Press, Jarvis told police he knew what he did was, quote, stupid. Well, yeah. Nothing like a stolen engagement ring to put the damper on a lover affair.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the woman learned the ring was stolen. I bet things didn't go over very well. After all, you can steal your lover's heart any time, but stealing an engagement ring probably makes love grow cold pretty quickly.

Especially if he's sentence to ten years in jail. He could face up to that amount of time in jail, which would be longer than many marriages.

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