Wednesday, December 21, 2011

World's Worst Person Nominee Assaults Homeless Guy in N.J.

Meet Taylor Giresi, 20, of 15th Avenue, Belmar, New Jersey, my latest nominee for the Worst Person in the World.

Giresi and an equally horrible 17 year old companion decided it would be fun to go out into the woods and beat up, taunt and torture a homeless man. He finished the assault by sarcastically wishing the guy a Merry Christmas as the beaten man, David Ivins, 51,  howled, bleeding and terrified, for help.

Giresi and his scummy buddy videoed their experience and put it on YouTube because in Giresi's twisted mind, great fun was had by all.

Here's a news clip showing parts of the video so you can see what I mean. Warning: It's a very disturbing video, so be prepared.

As an aside, and I guess luckily for the homeless guy, Giresi is whoppingly stupid in addition to being a scumbag. The video on YouTube made it exceedingly easy for police to find him and arrest him. At last check Giresi is being held in jail, lacking $135,000 bail.

I suppose he's lucky to be in jail. The media has his address. And it's widely reported. Although it would be extremely bad form to hurt Giresi, because that would just sink things to his under-a-rock level, he probably does deserves some taunts and insults and general public condemnation. Just keep it legal and ethical, folks.

By the way, Giresi's Facebook page, which you can't get to anymore, lists his occupation as a "male model" Yeah, he's gorgeous all right.
This loser, Tayler Giresi, beat up
a homeless guy because he thought it
was fun, New Jersey police said.

I'm oddly curious about train wrecks like Giresi. Judging from what he's done, the world isn't exactly a better place because of his existence. But what led him to the kind of mentality he has? In the video, he appears to be having the time of his life. Like a kid at Disneyland. Is it to compensate for a bad life? I have no sympathy for him, but what made Giresi's mind as dark and empty as deep space beyond the galaxies?

I hear a lot about bored suburban kids happily seeking out homeless people to assault and torment. And crow about it. What psychology do they have to make them believe this is fun?  What exactly IS the fun of this, in their twisted minds?

There appears to be a market for videos of these beatings too, according to the New Jersey Star Ledger.  The Star Ledger editorial raises an interesting  point: Making child porn is illegal, and so is viewing it. Should viewing these beating videos be made illegal too?

Truth be told, people like Giresi scare me, as much as I want to make his life miserable. And maybe deep down that's what he wants. To scare people. That makes him feel powerful. What scares me is, will he continue his savagery? Is he a serial killer in the making?

In reality, Giresi is in many ways weak. Dumb, mean people tend to be. Weakening him further was the strong local reaction to the senseless victimization of Ivins.

People in and around the town where this happened are completely revulsed. So they reached out to the homeless guy, got him some housing, money, medical care, help, according to the Asbury Park Press. Which is exactly the opposite of what Giresi seemed to want.  And that weakens Giresi all the more.

Reality is messy, so I'm sure it won't necessarily work out this way, but wouldn't a nice dose of karma be nice right about now? Ivins gets the help he needs. If he is addicted to alcohol, maybe he can be weaned off it? Maybe he can get some more friends, a warm, dry place to live permanently, maybe a job?

As for Giresi, may he have a lonely, sad, penniless, pathetic life. Of course, it seems he's there already.

Hey Giresi: On the off- chance you're reading this: Merry Fxxxing Christmas, scumbag.


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