Saturday, January 4, 2014

911, What Is Your Non-Emergency?

I'm totally fascinated by people who call 911 for the stupidest of reasons.
Yet another dumb 911 call.  

And this is coming from me, who probably has called 911 pretty often compared to most people (I've called 911 to report an apartment building fire, a car crash in front of my house, another car crash with injuries, and an erratic driver on Interstate 89, and a disabled vehicle, also on I-89, which was stopped in a travel lane)

But you can argue my 911 calls were fairly reasonable.

Other people, not so much.

Recently, in southwestern British Columbia, the local EMS agency made a Top 10 list of the worst 911 calls, according to the Vancouver Sun.  

1. A caller phoned 911 to ask about renting a fire truck to block off a street for a party.
2. A caller phoned 911 to get their date's contact information so they could confirm details of their plans.
3. A called phoned 911 to report a missed newspaper deliver.
4. A called asked 911 if they can get the "OK" to drive in the HOV lane because "traffic is backed up and they are late for an important meeting."
5. A caller dials 911 to activate voicemail on his cellphone.
6. A caller phones 911 and says, "I threw my phone into the garbage and I can't get it out."
7. A caller dials 911 to ask for a morning wake-up call.
8. A caller dials 911 to ask how to call the opertor.
9. A caller contacts 911 to ask, "Can an officer come over to tell my kids to go to bed?"
10. A caller phones 911 and says, "My son won't give me the remote control.."

Other 911 doozies are easy to find.
For instance, a woman named Carol Frances Omeara called 911 back in October in Montana to report that she was, in her words, "too damn drunk."
So drunk, she couldn't get out of her car.

She was charged with DUI, according to the Billings Gazette. 
Intersting brownies prompted this 911 call.  

Last February, an Indiana man called 911 nine times within 90 minutes to order a cheeseburger. WISH-TV reported Gregory Jackson never got his cheeseburger, but did get arrested.

Burgers seem to be in demand among people who call 911 for stupid reasons. Last April in Florida, Jarvis Sutton, 34, was arrested because he called 911 operators 80 times to request "Kool-Aid, burgers and weed," according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

At least Jarvis shattered a stereotype. Who said potheads had no ambition? Calling 80 times is pretty productive, don't you think?  And he was hungry. Police didn't deliver his food, but after Jarvis was arrested, he started munching on the foam in the seat while he was in the backseat of the police cruiser.

You want even more stupid 911 calls, here's a web site called It's all audiotapes of these moronic calls. It's  great time waster on a cold day. I especially liked the old lady who called 911 to ask someone to come over and open her beer bottles for her.

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