Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crazy Ukrainian Guy Hangs By His Fingertips From Tall Buildings. Seems OK With That

There's this crazy Ukrainian dude who goes by the name of Mustang Wanted who's made viral video splashes this week by doing this like dangling off the edges of towers and skyscrapers with his fingertips, with no safety harnesses or anything.
Mustang Wanted hangs off the top of a tall
apartment block in Moscow, Russia.  

Just watching his video, as you can at the bottom of this post, makes me woozy.

Meanwhile, our friend Mustang, when he's hanging on by his fingertips, ready to drop to his death, looks as nonchalant as I usually do when I'm doing something daredevilish like, say, watching "Jeopardy!" on TV.

I suppose there's a chance Mustang Wanted
found a way to do photoshopping and other computer tricks to depict what he's doing, but still, if this is indeed real, YIKES!

He says he goes around cities in Ukraine and Russia, looking for daredevil opportunities, and hopes to make a career out of it through sponsorships.

Here's what Mustang, 26, a former legal advisor says about himself, according to the Daily Mail of Britain:

"Sometimes I think that I'm a robot. I do not feel anything."

I guess that's why he's not afraid, but then again, that's troubling, in my opinion.

Mustang goes on: "Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Everyone dies, but no everyone lives the way they want. If you are afraid of everything you must live in a sterile laboratory."

OK, Mustang has a good point buried in there. You can't live in fear, and you have to take risks, take chances, get out of your comfort zone to live a happy life. I totally buy that.

However, that doesn't mean I'll be dangling off the edge of a skyscraper by my fingertips anytime soon. I might find something more daring to do than watching "Jeopardy!" but I'll let Mustang do his thing without any competition from me.

Or you for that matter, please.

Here's his video.

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