Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Worst Lawsuit Ever: Guy Beats Guy With Air Jordans, Sues Nike For Not Saying Air Jordans Dangerous

One of the world's biggest creeps is suing Nike.
This moron is suing Nike because the company
did not put warning labels on Air Jordans noting
they could be used as dangerous weapons.  

Nike makes Air Jordans and an Oregon pimp named Sirgiogiro Clardy is suing Nike for $100 million because of an incident involving Air Jordans.

Apparently, Clardy beat the crap out of a john with the Air Jordans Clardy had been wearing because he believed the john didn't pay for his services.

The guy was badly hurt. Clardy apparently also had a habit of beating up his prostitutes.

This guy was horrible, the court system agreed and sentenced Clardy to 100 years in prison.

Now, Clardy is suing Nike because the Air Jordans had no warning label that the shoes could be used as a deadly weapon.

Which is kind of like being mad at Husqvarna for not telling people that poking one of their chainsaws into somebody's head while it's running full blast could be dangerous.

Nike hasn't yet responded to Clardy's lawsuit, but I'm guessing they're not too worried about it.

Maybe lawyers for Nike should just shove a Nike sock into Clardy's mouth and be done with it.

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