Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kid On "India's Got Talent" Is Most Fun Person So Far This Year

It seems I'm always coming up with interesting finds in the "X Country's Got Talent" franchise.
This eight year old kid wows 'em on
"India's Got Talent"  

As I've noted, I think every place in the universe has a "This Place's Got Talent" show, including Pluto.

Of course, there's an "India's Got Talent" where the most fun person so far in 2014 showed up. It's an 8-year old boy who dances rather spectacularly.

The kid's name is Akshat Singh, and I don't think this is the last we'll see of him.

At first glance, he doesn't seem to have the body for a lot of athleticism, but you'd be wrong.

Plus, his enthusiasm is out of this world. It's another one of those videos to put you in a good mood.

 (But hurry, the video might disappear. This performance keeps getting taken down for some sort of copywright infringement. If India's Got Talent had any talent, they'd post the video themselves and do away with that sort of problem.)

Anyway, enjoy!

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