Friday, January 10, 2014

Guy Who Is Bananas Crashes Into Store, Steals Banana

A lot of people like bananas, I get that.
This guy rammed a car into this
store so he could steal a banana, police said.  

They're pretty easy to get in any grocery store, so you'd think it wouldn't take much effort to get one.

But one guy in Connecticut went to great links to obtain a treasured banana.

According to police in Newington, Connecticut, a man repeated rammed his car into the door of a closed store until the glass broke.

Surveillance cameras showed him going in, undisguised, grabbing a banana, eating it in the store, then leaving. 

I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding him, since it was pretty easy to see what he looked like and what kind of car he was driving.

But geez, all that trouble just for a banana? He should have at least raided the cash register while he was there, to make the burglary worthwhile. Maybe he was suffering from an acute potassium deficit and was trying to save himself.

Probably not.

I wonder if they serve bananas in jail?

Anyway, maybe the guy was a minion, from the Dispicable Me franchise. They like bananas, as this video shows:


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