Saturday, January 4, 2014

Argentine Coca Cola Commercial Is Hilarious And Perfect

Sister in law Donna out in South Dakota alerted us via Facebook to a hilarious commercial for a new Coca Cola product, Coke Life
I don't know if new Coca Cola Life is any good
but their commercial is perfect.  

Apparently,  Coca Cola Life comes with an all natural sweetener and the bottle is fully recyclable, so that's a good thing.

I'm always looking for entertaining ads in a sea of awful commercials and I found one for Coca Cola Life.

The commercial promoting the product in Argentina has little to do with Coca-Cola Life itself, but it's done so well, showing the disruptive chaos of family life for a young couple.

The musical score played throughout the ad is the song "To Love Somebody," the 1967 smash by the Bee Gees. It fits brilliantly, so kudos to the people who thought to use that song.

Stay with the advertisement to the very end. It's got a great punch line in the closing seconds, too.

Here it is:

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