Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fun Wacko Says Target Security Breach Was God's Revenge For Naughty Kmart Ad

I just love the logic of some of the more colorful, extreme religious wackos out there.
A still from the offending Joe Boxer ad.  

They do have some awesome theories.

Here's a doozy.

You know that huge security breach at Target, in which up to 110 million debit and credit card holders had information stolen?

Well, according to some guy names Buster Wilson, the security breach was because God was mad at Kmart for its, um, colorful "jingle bells" Christmas ad that promoted Joe Boxer underwear.

Buster (what a great first name for a wacko!) Tweeted this: "Target mocks Christmas with unseemly oe Boxer ad. Now suffering BIG TIME with data theft. Don't mock Jesus. just a suggestion."

You see, the Kmart ad was naughty, because it showed some hunky men with jingle bells attached to their, um shorts, and played a nice festive Christmas song to get you to buy Joe Boxer shorts.

The conservatives thought this was outrageous and morally reprehensible. OK, if you say so, fine. That's not the weird part.
If you liked the Joe Boxer ad, God hates you,
says Buster Wilson  

Where I, and everybody else lose Buster is why would God punish Target shoppers with a security breach because he was pissed off at the Kmart ad?

I'm sure most of the Target customers did not buy Joe Boxer products and most probably never went to Kmart.

I guess Buster here was confused about which retailer did the Jingle Bells ad. Kmart, Target, it's all the same.

 I get that.

I supposed all this is a variation of "The Gays Did It" meme that religious fundamentalist wackos say every time there's some sort of disaster.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, terrorist attacks--they all happen because gay people exist, apparently.

Of course, I'm not sure why these disaster don't just kill gay people if God thinks being gay is so horrible. But I guess we're not supposed to use logic here.

My bad.

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