Sunday, January 19, 2014

OK, Kids. You Sit In This Frigid Cold Car While I Go Hog Hunting

The ever-reliable Florida has given us yet another in the world's longest string of dumb criminals.
Intrepid hog hunter Kayla Shavers is
in hot water because she left her
kids in a cold car during the hunt.
according to Florida police officials.  

Meet Kayla Marie Shavers, 31, who decided one recent, unusually chilly Florida morning to go hog hunting.

Well, that's fine. Lots of people, OK, not lots of people, but some people enjoy that sort of thing. Why not?

Only she left her nine year old son and eight month old kid alone in a car in 38-degree weather while she did her hog hunting, according to WFTS-TV in Tampa. 

At least the nine year old was smarter than his mom. After getting colder and colder, he called 911 because he reasoned, "A police car would be warmer."

Right he was! So the cops showed up, put the kids in their nice toasty police cruiser and waited 40 minutes or so from Shavers to emerge from her (apparently unsuccessful) hog hunt.

She said she was hunting said hogs because they were tearing up her property. There's nothing worse than hogs making a mess of your flower bed, I guess.

Shaver said she left the keys in the car for the nine year old to start it up if he got cold, according to the WFTS report.

Well, that sounds safe!  Turns out he wasn't quite able to figure out how to start the car, which is probably a good thing. Because what if he put the vehicle in drive?

With any luck, the kid would have run over a hog, which doubtless would have made his mama proud.

But in the end, Shaver faces two counts of child neglect according to authorities.

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