Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alabama Justice Ray Moore Says America For Christians Only

If you're not a Christian, you don't belong in Alabama Chief Justice Ray Moore's America.
Alabama judge Ray Moore has some interesting
theories on government and theology.  

If you think you have rights, think again, says this, um, deep Constitutional thinker.

According to Raw Story:

"He declared that the First Amendment only applies to Christians because 'Buddha didn't create us, Mohammed didn't create us, it was the God of the Holy Scriptures' who created us."

I'm confused here. I thought the founding fathers of the United States created the Constitution and the First Amendment, not God. Yeah, they might have believed in God, but I didn't think any kind of deity spent time micromanaging the formation of nations.

And what does a document establishing the ground rules of a new nation have to do with which God might or might not have created us?

Moore goes on and clarifies. "They didn't bring the Koran over on the pilgrim ship.....Let's get real, let's go back and learn our history. Let's stop playing games."

Um, so if there was not a Koran on the Mayflower, that automatically means non-Christians can't have First Amendment rights?  Even though the Constitution came much more than a century after the Mayflower? Wow, you are confusing, Judge Moore!

Finally, Moore tells us the "pursuit of happiness" can only be obtained by following God's law, because "you can't be happy unless you follow God's law, and if you follow God's law, you can't help but be happy."

I don't know exactly what "God's law" is, but if it means being as stupid and full of non-sequiturs as Moore seems to be, I can't imagine being happy.

If Moore wants to be truly happy, it sounds like he needs to establish a theocracy type of government somewhere for stupid people.

On Neptune, perhaps?

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